Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Giacchino Challenge

Hey there, LOSTies! As listeners of my LOST rewatch podcast (also available on iTunes) know, I use different theme music every season--and for season 6 of the podcast, I need YOUR help to pick the music.

There are only three rules:

1) It must be written by LOST composer Michael Giacchino.

2) It must NOT be from LOST.

3) I haven't used the source movie/TV show before.

If there's a fourth, unwritten (until now) rule, it's that the track has to be on iTunes. It's only fair.  Besides, while I'm sure Michael Giacchino is a lovely guy, he's got an Oscar on his desk and I've got a microphone. We know who has the bigger lawyer.

Here are the tracks I've used so far.

Season 1 -- "Enterprising Young Men," Star Trek
Season 2 -- "Three Dog Dash, " Up
Season 3 -- "Give Her My Budapest," Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Season 4 -- "Grand Ol' Prix," Speed Racer
Season 5 -- "The Evacuation of Lilian," Super 8

The general idea is to have 10-20 seconds of lead-in (usually achieved by slowly crescendoing harmony, then about a 5 second melodic statement, then something with which to fade out.  The MI:GP track is a particularly good example.

Have any ideas?  Email me at or tweet me @LookingBackLost.  Namaste!

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